The brief

To promote the new Samsung Galaxy S4 family of handsets, Samsung approached us to identify, engage and manage YouTube influencers with appeal to the millennial market. The ultimate goal was to drive traffic to their YouTube channel and views of their videos.

Our role

We started by identifying a list of 200 YouTube influencers whose communities were aligned with Samsung’s target audience. We then worked with Samsung to create a briefing pack for influencers which would then be used to guide influencers when submitting their ideas for content they wanted to produce.

The chosen influencers were given a free handset and cash to produce their video, whilst others were supported with a production team to help produce high quality content that viewers would want to share.

We managed the YouTube talent throughout the campaign, from negotiations and contracts through to briefing, production management and delivery to ensure all content was delivered on time and on budget. We had to liaise closely with the client throughout as many of the digital activity was centred around the influencer’s content.

The results

The campaign produced a total of 26 high quality pieces of content. Tier 1 influencers (YouTube superstars) were encouraged to upload the content (with branded idents) to their own channels to make the most of their existing communities), whilst Tier 2 and 3 influencers had their content showcased on the YouTube channel. We then worked with each influencer to help promote the videos and the Samsung channel on each of their social channels. To date, the videos have received a total of 1,582,000 views.