Roll TV is a mobile app that allows users to beautifully curate and share video content, packaged as “rolls” of 8 videos. Ahead of launch, the team recognised that launching with good quality content to showcase the app’s functionality was going to be fundamental to foster a sustainable and good quality ecosystem of users.

We worked in collaboration with Roll TV to understand their content priorities before working on sourcing YouTube talent in each of the agreed sectors. We sourced influencers in the areas of fashion, beauty, cars, comedy, consumer technology, how to’s, lifestyle, music and urban sports.

We planned carefully to incorporate content creators with substantial followings to help spread the word along with lesser known good quality content creators that helped showcase the app with their beautiful content. The resulting shortlist was a healthy mix of individuals who promised active participation and exposure.

Through careful relationship building and outreach, we managed to sell the benefits of using the application before launch to the influencers meaning that they were happy for Roll TV to showcase their videos at launch, without charge. What’s more, we worked with the influencers to test the app for themselves, generating advocates and authentic active users for the app who will continue to use the app for the foreseeable future.

We managed to secure 18 YouTube content creators, each creating multiple rolls of content in time for the app to launch. Combined, these YouTube content creators have 593,587 subscribers and combined views of over 140 million. The rolls were shared amongst their communities but most importantly, Roll TV gained long-term advocates who became genuine fans of the app.