The brief

Create a campaign to span 8 different regions within Europe to mark the change of the recipe to the long established Special K cereal. Use bloggers to reach the target audience of females who take pride in their appearance and work hard to maintain it along with beauty and health enthusiasts.

The idea

To the reflect the brand’s new positioning of sustainable shape management and the confidence that can bring to women, we challenged fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers across Europe to make a pledge to #ChangeForTheBetter. Each blogger committed to changing something about their lifestyle to work towards a happier and more confident version of themselves over a 3 month period.

The bloggers agreed to share the journey with their readers by updating their blogs every 2 weeks along with using the hashtag on any social updates relating to their pledge. They also encouraged their readers to make a pledge of their own using the hashtag to create a support network.

Special K helped to support bloggers by providing them with up to £300 to use towards assisting their hard work - be that for paying for a gym membership, a personal trainer, nutritionist or dermatologist.

The content produced from bloggers was shared on the Special K social channels throughout each of the regions, this created high quality content to accompany the product centric content that already existed. The bloggers acted as aspirational and yet achievable role models with whom their audiences could relate to.

The results

At the end of the 3 month period, the bloggers felt better about themselves which was as a result of their involvement in the campaign with Special K. This resulted in over 300 pieces of content reaching over 1.6m people but more importantly 56 brand ambassadors who will be fans of the brand for long after the campaign finished.