The brief

GAP approached us to promote their ‘wishlist’ application which launched on their website ahead of the holidays. They wanted to engage a handful of influencers who they felt reflected the essence of the brand and who could be styled in the clothing for a potential shoot to be featured in Vogue.

The idea

We hand selected 10 of the UK’s most well respected fashion bloggers and worked with GAP to shortlist these to the final 4 who would be chosen as ambassadors.

Each of the influencers were asked to make a wishlist of their own and to share it with their readers (including a link to the application). The choice was made not to pay the influencers for their participation in the campaign as we wanted to work with people that were keen to feature GAP and therefore more authentic in their messaging.

After sharing their wishlists with their communities, each of the influencers was gifted a number of the items from their list to style in a series of 3 looks/posts. Each influencer then promoted this content on all of their social channels - driving traffic to the website.

The results

Each of the bloggers and content were shared on the GAP European website. Between the bloggers, they produced a total of 12 pieces of content, reaching over 3 million unique readers.

The items which had been gifted to the influencers continued to be featured in future posts, demonstrating the level of advocacy generated through the activity.