The brief

To generate awareness and participation in a promotion that ASOS were running for their customers based on the level of their advocacy on their social channels. Through completing different activities on their social channels, ASOS customers receive rewards increasing in value for each level, up to £250 to spend online.

The idea

Given that ASOS were looking to reward advocacy, we recognised that it was important to firstly identify the influencers with active communities (to help spread the word) but that had previously featured ASOS on a regular basis to make sure that they were authentic fans of the brand. This conveyed a much stronger message to their readers and meant that they were more receptive to hearing about the promotion.

  Once we had identified the influencers, we tiered them by the reach of their audiences and the level of activities generated by their readers (for example, comments and shares).

  For top level influencers, we offered them a voucher to spend with ASOS for items which could later be styled on their blogs to form part of their post about the promotion. This gave them the opportunity to write unique and original content (very important with some bloggers having shared audiences) rather than just writing about the promotion.

  For second tier influencers, we sent them a code, giving them an automatic shortcut to skip the first few levels of the challenge which ultimately resulted in them being given a discount off of future purchases. Each influencer was then encouraged to participate in the remaining levels, drawing upon their communities, which if successful could result in £250 to spend on the website.

The result

The campaign received a warm reception with many of the fashion blogging elite talking about it. Over 30 blog posts were written reaching 2 million unique readers and tweets to over 4 million active accounts. This resulted in the hashtag trending on the night of launch.