The Best Apps For Bloggers

When it comes to blogging it can be a nightmare to do it on the go or on a tight schedule. So we thought we would put together a post on some of our favourite apps we love to use to make life a lot easier for the modern cosmopolitan blogger.

We will start with the easiest and most effective ways to interact with your readers first…

Twitter – This is the best way to chat to fellow bloggers from all corners of the globe and share your blog posts. It’s the most social platform in our view for you to keep up with brands; getting involved in chats, all in 140 characters.

Instagram – Instagramable! This is now a well-used word and we love it. Sharing your blog through images can captivate a whole new audience. Everyone loves something pretty, new or interesting. Our tip would be to post good quality light/bright photos that are pleasing on the eye. It is also one of the most up and coming platforms for business users too, which means you can often spot new releases early WIN!

Pinterest – It is the UK’s fastest growing platform for British bloggers. This app can drive a lot of traffic to your blog so be sure to join group sharing boards and share your blog post photos on there and on a board solely about your site too. Its not about just pinning food and DIY it is a great way to boost traffic, so make sure you pin a little everyday which if your on the move can pass the time.

Facebook – Facebook can be a bit of a tricky one to master we think and it takes a little more work to create a page and get it out there. You can of course pay to promote it but we think the best way is to share your page on groups. You can either promote your page itself or your most recent post.  Be warned there is a lot of follow for follow business going on though.


The other handy apps we like to use are;

Bloglovin – It may come under the key apps section but we think this app is a great on the go way to keep up with your favourite bloggers all in one place. Not only is it a tool for sharing your own posts but it gives you the option to now save your favourite posts from others too. Its discovery page is also amazing and we have found some hidden gems on there, brilliant for inspiration.

Analytics – While you can check this online you can also get Google Analytics in app form to keep track of your stats on the go.

Bitly – Posting the link to your latest post can often be long and when on somewhere like twitter it can use up those precious characters. Bitly allows you to shorten your links and also tells you how many clicks that link has had too.

Depop – We know it is an odd one to include but all bloggers fashion; beauty etc. all can easily end up with a lot of stuff they no longer use. So why not sell your old in order to make room for new and gain a few pennies in your purse.

Wunderlist – This app has changed our lives we use it in the office and for everyday use it lets you keep organised and on top of everything you set yourself tasks and completion dates and can check them off when you’ve done them. Great for planning posts, chat times or whatever you have on your to do list. It has revolutionized our lives!

Font Candy – It simply adds text to your photos; by gosh does it make them pretty. It uses your background and fades it to emphasise the text where your picture shines through … We can’t explain it too well but you need to download it, we promise you’ll be a bit obsessed too.

VSCO Cam or Afterlight – Both are great photo editing apps and work great though one is free and the other isn’t we like both equally, perfect for editing those Instgram snaps to make them look tip top

Other apps such as Periscope, Snapchat etc. can be fab for showcasing your new posts and interacting with your readers, fans and friends on a more personal level. These can often allow you to give followers a greater insight than just words or images alone.


Which apps do you use to help you blog? We’d love to know.

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