Team Member Spotlight: Rich

Trying to prove that not all number crunchers are boring, this week we shine the spotlight on the lovely Rich.


1. What are your 3 favourite blogs and why?

White Cotton Peonies - it's the bosses! wink 

The Design Air - great info on very very expensive toys. 

The official Aston Martin blog. Again, more great expensive toys... that one day I could own. wink


2. What do you like to do with your spare time?

I enjoy a drink in the sun, especially somewhere exotic. Love traveling and sampling new cultures. When at home, I enjoy seeing my family and friends, playing golf badly and heading to the Polo on Sundays. 


3. If you could be any African animal what would it be?

A Lion. Because of my mane. Many years ago my nick name at university was Simba. I must be Moufasssa now, although not as much mane as the university years! 


4. What does your day to day job at Tribal involve?

I do all the boring stuff! Although chasing up the girls for receipts and reasons for claiming expenses can be fun!


5. Favourite food?

Fillet Steak! Can't beat a bit of Argentinean cow! 


6. Least favourite food?

Cucumber! It has no point! It's crunchy water with a funny after taste. Yuk! 


7. Three words that your team would use to describe you?

Funny, Cool, and Positive


8. Favourite song?

Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins. Top Gun!! 


9. Favourite tipple?

Not fussy. Anything with Alcohol! It's tough looking at numbers all day! It has been known to drive people to drink. wink


10. Complete this sentence….. “The internet is awesome because.... of Google! The answer to everything is at your finger tips. Awesome! Always useful in a pub quiz. 


Nice to see with his description there that he still has a lot of modesty! If you're one of our clients and you receive a stern email from him, you'll know all of his weaknesses to get him on your side!

The Tribe xo

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