Here Come The Boys…

This week we have decided to feature a segment we genuinely love but rarely get the opportunity to do on our blog, where we share the love for some of the awesome bloggers we have had the pleasure of working with recently. Now, this week they are not just any bloggers, oh no, they are some of the top male interest bloggers currently standing tall amongst the male blogging community, not just in the UK, but worldwide. 

As some of you may or may not know (Um, where have you been?), we are currently working with Sony in the UK, Germany, France, Nordics, and The Netherlands, to introduce their High Res Audio technology – Search #HighResVIP on social media to find out more.

Working with many different markets may seem daunting to some, however it’s always exciting for us as we get to collaborate with some really talented influencers that we may not normally have the opportunity to work with, which is the case with many of the guys we are collaborating with on the Sony campaign.

We’ve had a ton of great reviews for the Sony High Res Audio, and we were overwhelmed by how well the products were received. So, we feel it’s now time to showcase just some of the talented guys we are digging at the moment.

Freddy from Blue Perk literally blew us away with his gorgeous Instagram posts incorporating the Sony High Res headphones, and walkman, along with his review on the technology. His personal style blog is a hub for everything the modern man needs from fresh looks and upcoming trends, to the perfect travel outfits and accessories – and who doesn’t need a quality pair of headphones and a walkman when travelling?

You can find his Sony review here – You see what we mean about the photography?

We were so pleased when Lloyd & Yaya from Hand Luggage Only accepted our invite to review the Sony tech, as we adore their blog. They’re possibly two of the nicest and coolest (we are so uncool for saying that!) guys we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and their blog combines two of our greatest loves, food and travel…enough said! What we love about their post is that they were genuinely pleasantly surprised with the quality of the audio set, and they weren’t afraid to let their readers know that. It’s always great to read authentic reviews – so thanks guys!

You can read their full post here.

One of our favourite French male influencers is Xavier from Le Barboteur, so it was really great to finally get the opportunity to work with him. Xavier is an effortlessly chic male style and interest blogger, who collaborates with some high-end global brands, so we were so grateful that he decided to add Sony to his list of features. If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, be sure to check out his blog.

Thanks Xavier! You can check out his post here.

Thanks to all of our awesome bloggers that have supported Sony and us with this campaign, as always we appreciate it – you rock!  Stay up to date with the latest from the Sony High Res campaign by searching #HighResVIP.

If you want to keep up to date with some of the exciting campaigns we’ve got coming up make sure you’re following us! Also, if you’re an influencer and you aren’t already working with us, get in touch now over at or on social media!

Have a fab weekend ya’ll!

The Tribe xox

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