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The Tribal team are very supportive of charity fundraising, and as we work with different brands on a daily basis we love to read about how they are helping their chosen charities. We have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to collaborate with a wonderful charity that supports something we are all extremely passionate about.

Shelter helps millions of people every year who are struggling with homelessness, or are forced to live in unbearable living conditions.  They continuously campaign to prevent homelessness and tackle the causes of the housing crisis, in the hope that one day we will reach a point where people will no longer be in need of charities like Shelter to help them combat their housing issues. Their amazing work helps millions of people every year, giving them first hand knowledge of the struggles people face, and what causes these issues.

In the run up to the Christmas period Shelter are holding a competition for families to enter, where a family of 4 can potentially win a trip to the London Eye, amongst other wonderful prizes.  They are inviting families to create their very own gingerbread house, giving them the opportunity to showcase their design flare, and spread the word about Shelter and their brilliant work! So what are you waiting for? Find out all of the details, and enter here: If you don’t have any kids, but you fancy getting involved, why not borrow your nieces and nephews, or your best friends kids and get baking!

Supporting a charity, even if it is just donating £1 a month makes a massive difference, and we think it is great when you see big brands supporting charities and carrying out activities to raise money and awareness.

As we all know, Arcadia is one of the UK’s largest fashion retailers, which is associated with a number of major fashion brands including TOPSHOP, Miss Selfridge, and Burton. However, it may not be apparent that each of these brands are doing their bit for charities across the world, and as a part of their ‘Fashion Footprint’ campaign, the entire Arcadia brand supports an amazing organisation called Harmony House, in India. This non-profit organisation provides care and education to disadvantaged women and children, and Arcadias aim is to double it’s 200-person capacity venue in the coming years. This amazing organisation offers services such as pre-natal advice, vocational classes and nutritious meals, which is something that is of vital importance to these women and children. As they have just begun supporting the charity, they are in the planning stages of their fundraising activity, so it will be interesting to see what they have in mind, and we will definitely be keeping an eye out.

TOPSHOP have formed a wonderful new partnership this year with the Indian-based Women’s Interlink Foundation’s Key to Freedom project, which launched in 2012. Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) provides refuge for women and girls in India, whose lives have been blighted by human trafficking, enforced prostitution and domestic abuse. This wonderful charity encourage and support young women to develop new life skills such as textile dyeing and printing, and what we love is that TOPSHOP invited them to create a range of sarong designs, that are now on sale in 3 London flagship TOPSHOP stores and online (check them out!). The creator of each design is compensated for each sale, with the remaining funds are donated to WIF, where the proceeds are used to rescue more girls, and build more homes. This really inspires us, as it shows us how innovative TOPSHOP are with their fundraising activities, raising money for the charity, while teaching these women a craft, that they can move forward with and utilise in the future. Incredible!

Now onto another Arcadia brand…

Burton support Trekstock, which is an amazing charity that supports young people with cancer. They help to fund research and help these young people make better-informed lifestyle choices, with all of their funds being donated to Cancer Research UK. Burtons team members across the country support Trekstock in a number of ways, some of their head office team members walked from London to Brighton, while others decided to do a charity sky dive (crazy!). Two of their employees even trekked the Alps for 6 days, so they could attend Trekstock’s Great Gig in the Sky. These fundraising activities are extreme to say the least, but it is dedication like this from large brands and their team, that really makes a difference and inspires others to get involved and do something to hopefully benefit the lives of those who really deserve it.

So many brands have innovative fundraising ideas, and no matter what scale they are on, everything makes a difference. So if you want to do your bit and raise awareness for a great charity that means something to you, get your thinking caps on and start today!  

Team Tribal x

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